Weight Loss to Date

Friday, February 3, 2012

So so so struggling with self-acceptance. I really want to just accept myself with fat and imperfections and just be okay with who I am... Who I Am Right Now Is Okay.

Its difficult. I had a great night with friends. I ate everything they ate. We walked home in the snow. And we ate more. Ugh. Its hard to accept myself. I thought about going for another walk at 11:30 pm, because I was so anxious about what I ate and how fat I am. But I am not going to do that. I am going to accept who I am right now. And be healthy me tomorrow, which has nothing to do with thinness. And I'm going to get up at a reasonable time to go for a walk (its impossible to go for a real run in this weather...) and eat what my body wants, and not be an emotional eater. K? K.

And I am okay the way that I am. Who I am right now is okay. Even if I didn't change a thing.


  1. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog and I wanted to say, I've been there. It feels to good to be "normal" until later when all your not-normal feelings surface. I hate those feelings.