Weight Loss to Date

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I puked a lot this week. And took a reasonable amount of gentle laxative. The gentle stuff that does really do anything til like 3 days after... I need to stop that soon. And the puking.

I haven't had a voice lesson in two weeks, hence the puking. Having a voice lesson is both my savior and my curse because I don't puke. But I need that mechanism in order to not gain, you know? I KNOW beyond all reasonable doubt that I would probably have to go to a clinic for bulimia if I was not a singer. Puking screws with my vocal chords so much that I can't do both. I have a voice lesson again next wednesday, so clearly I'm trying not to puke again so that I can recover.

I worry about my teeth a lot when I go through these cycles...

I miss starving. But its difficult to do when I'm teaching full time, going to grad school at night, and have no time to even lay around at all. Even on the weekends I spend as much of my time as possible lesson planning in between hanging out. Starving, for me, requires that life does not require me to be on top of my game. Part of the reason I got so heavy in college. So I try to be as vegetarian as I can right now-- as much fresh food as possible. When I stick to that, I don't gain, and even swing to the low end of my weight. But clearly I didn't do that a couple weeks in a row, as I gained.

With all the puking and laxies, I'm back down to 157. I haven't eaten much today, so I will probably be 156 tomorrow. That I can live with, I think. I'd really like to start losing again... I was 155 when I moved here. A 40 lb loss since last December. Hopefully during Christmas break I can spend some time alone, starving away :) And RUNNING! I miss running. I haven't done much of it lately. I'm so flabby. And I have no time to help that.

I'm sorry I don't update you guys much. Life is busy. First year teaching is HARD. And clearly, having only lived here since August, and already having the baggage of an ex-boyfriend... and being halfway across the country from what is comforting and familiar... Life is challenging right now. I like it here. But no wonder I've been compulsively binging and purging the past couple weeks. I shouldn't be surprised.

I love you all.


  1. I dunno how much of my blog you've had time to pay attention to, but I had to go on this gnarly liquid diet for 4 weeks and Flushed went on one, too briefly...we both discovered that drinking all of our meals (not a liquid fast, mind you, just liquifying our food--lots of soup and smoothies) *really* helped with purging.

    It helped me more more than it did her, I think; I haven't purged in like 5 weeks now.

    I know what you mean about starving while working a lot. It just doesn't work if you need to be on top of your game.

    Flushed and I are both vegetarian (I'm wheat and dairy free) and I've found that if you really eat a ton of veggies and stuff with fiber, you can eat twice the volume of food with half the calories. She also tries to curtail binges by eating large amounts of raw veggies first. I prefer watermelon, myself.

    I eat a LOT of popcorn and I make a fast "soup" out of spicy V8 heated up with frozen corn and peas mixed into it. V8 has enough flavor/sodium to not really need to add anything else, and you can eat a ton of it without consuming a lot of calories. All the fiber from the veggies keeps you full for quite a while.

    Purging is really counterproductive to your lifestyle, so if there's anything at all I can do to help you not purge, I'm so willing to brainstorm with you. :)

    Like I said before, if you ever need anything, I'm around. My cell is never off.

    I hope you're able to take some time to breathe and sort out all the chaos you've been up to your neck in. :B

  2. keep me updated more often!!! and don't puke!