Weight Loss to Date

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things I'm eating:

Nuts and Berries
Raisin Bran-Sparingly.

That's plenty of variety!

I've realized that I have to do something. And it has to be amazing and drastic and this has to be the most epic thing in the world to me besides getting into grad school. I've done hard and amazing things in my life and this is the project for the next 9 months. I think I can do it if I stick to it. I have good boundaries, I really do. I want to succeed at life too much to let this get the better of me in the long run.

The plan?

Diet pills
Colon cleanse
1 hour of exercise 6 days a week-elliptical, walking, or running.
an extra 30 min exercise when I can fit it in.
I will probably start counting calories/ points soon.
Keep track of my progress pretty much every day.
Weigh on the weekends.

Trying to center my life around working out and practice for the next few months.

Oh, and its it ridiculous to think I could lose 10 lbs. by graduation if I do a cleanse next weekend and I stick to this now?? I'm motivated!!

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