Weight Loss to Date

Monday, November 30, 2009

I successfully managed to eat only an apple for dinner. Yay! Having some coffee now as I try to wrap some things up that I need to finish. Soooooo tired, but its so close to over. I can't believe I managed to eat only that. Hunger feels good again, if I can just keep it that way. I walked another 45 minutes with my friend, actually starting and stopping it was an hour. My foot really hurt after that, but I think after 3 days that my foot is getting stronger. Hopefully. I'm so ready to see results now, but I gotta keep chugging along. Big picture== lifestyle is what I need. I remember the first time I fit into a size 7 as a teenager. I was so awe inspired because I'd never had a nice pair of blue jeans like that before. I can't wait for that feeling again, as I well know how to achieve it. This time its different and much further away, but I am reaching. I WILL get there.

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