Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well, I haven't been doing too too bad til just now. I was topping 160, so I started to eat less. I've had some Starbucks, but other than than my eating has been pristine. So I got to my aunt and uncles (for Thanksgiving break) and weigh in at 155.2. I'm dying to lose, but with the busy semester I've had, I've done well to maintain... Just hoping to lose ten lbs between now and next semester. Anyways, my aunt and uncle offer me something to eat and I refuse. But they've got this bowl of candy on the table in the kitchen... I ask for a glass of milk because my stomach is killing me. After they go to bed I eat 4 mini twix and a mini pack of M&M's. And then I try and puke it up. I'm sure I got rid of a few calories and some milk came up, but GAH. I knew better than to try and puke candy up. I've got to stop purging. Really.

Mistakes happen. Tomorrow I try again. I'm dying to see 152. And then 149. And then 145. Here I come.

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  1. you'll be okay. Just keep working hard!!!!! Also, update your weight loss tracker... it's not showing bc it hasn't been updated