Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I finally finally finally am 159. Haven't eaten basically for three days... until tonight. Baked some cupcakes for my friend's graduate voice recital... didn't eat one!!! Although I did kind of lick some icing and batter... it wasn't that good. But I didn't eat a lot of it!

I drank a 150 cal breakfast shake and had a salad with feta and italian dressing. I was at my friend's house baking and she kept offering food etc. Oh, and I had half a homemade dinner roll. Whatev. I'm so tired I couldn't care less about anything.

I am so tired and emotionally and mentally spent that I have a general feeling of anxiety and guilt and fear and disappointment and can't tell you exactly why. And I don't have any time to deal with any of it. I need to sleep. And have a freaking day off for all day long. At least I have most of the evening off tomorrow... SLEEEEEEP!!!

I wanna lose. I am such a fat cow. I'm doing better... I lost a lb, but how freaking long have I been stuck?? I should have lost 20 by now.

Soooo tired.

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  1. I'm so proud of you! 159! You go girl!

    And congrats on not eating cupcakes... those little devil cakes.