Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I want in the world:

1) To teach next year. And live on my own, not with my Aunt and Uncle, and only with a roommate if I want them.

2)To be debt free at some point. That may be a very long time from now :(

3)To be an opera singer, and sing at the Sydney Opera House someday. Or something like that.

4)To own my own house.

5)I think I want to get married and have children. I think... Only if I actually find someone to love that won't make me miserable. My parents fucked me up way to much for me to put up with crap from anyone else EVER. It better be worth it if I'm gonna bother.

6)To weigh 100 lbs.

7) To get my doctorate. Hopefully in Vocal Performance. And if not, maybe in something else really cool like ethnomusicology or the psychology of music performance or something that requires some scholarly research. I want to either be an amazing singer or an expert at something.

8)To weight 100 lbs.

9)To maintain 100 lbs.

10)To not be fat.

11)To weigh 100 lbs.

12)To be empty. I like empty. Empty is strong. I guess that ones more of a progression though...

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  1. A lot of your goals are definitely achievable! I know you can accomplish them ALL. I want my own house too. :)