Weight Loss to Date

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Damn it. Feel so fat. Can't wait for Christmas to be over! I hate it when my family shoves food in my face without asking!

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  1. Oi. I don't celebrate holidays at all, but I definitely sympathize with feeling pressured to eat by family. It sucks coz eating is a social function, a bonding mechanism, and a way to communicate. So complicated...so fraught with emotions.

    As for your comment on my entry...I second your sad face. It sucks the moment you realize how shallow society has conditioned all of us to be. How much value we feel obligated to place in appearances; our own and that of others.

    I wasn't even angry at my boyfriend for saying out loud what so many people think silently. My own reaction to his weight loss would make me a hypocrite anyway. It's a catch 22, isn't it?

    To recover, one has to diminish the importance of appearance and make health one's primary priority. But society itself combined with an ED makes it a struggle to even see other people the way you want to see yourself.