Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last night I caved bad... I was drinking, arguing with a friend via facebook AND arguing with my bro via skype. I binged on pretzels and marshmallows. Normally I wouldn't even have these things but I am sending some things to my bro as a care package to Kuwait. So they were there.

This morning I was sick, so unfortunately I had to eat something. Sad day, but I felt better. It was a chicken salad sandwich. Later I had a latte with skim and sugar free syrup. For dinner--chicken and veggies and wine (and a few pieces of buttery popcorn later). I was with a friend all day, having a girls day. Tommorrow will be a little better, but I am going to a bachelorette party, so hopefully I can skip the food part of that party... We'll see.

Not getting down on myself. Just being level headed and trying again and again every day. And lots of yoga. And hopefully picking up running again soon (when the snow storm passes!).

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  1. Yoga is amazing for changing your mood as well as your body if you keep it up.

    I hope you don't obsess too much about calories or weight or anything else like that. It doesn't do any good, and it only makes things harder than they should be.

    Focus on how you feel, and your general health/confidence and sense of well-being. You can't go wrong with that. :)