Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SO TIRED. More to do that I possibly can. Not gonna have a long post, but here are the highlights.

Two dates this week! One with a guy I've known awhile, my ex's best friend. I've been broken up with the ex and even though it wasn't amicable per se, I haven't even seen him in a year. If he doesn't like it he can suck it. I think I could be really interested in ex's best friend...we'll call him J. He seems genuinely interested in me. Very smart. Physicist. Loves classical music, but doesn't know as much about it as me, so I challenge him even though he's brilliant. I think we are well-matched. Other guy, R., is someone I met online :/ I don't love the online dating thing but my friend talked me into it... I don't try very hard but I'll talk to guys if they talk to me first. Went on one date and he asked for a 2nd, seemed to like me. I'm more excited about J. because we have a little history now, but its fun to have two!

Singing competition went AMAZINGLY WELL. I kicked ass, and got an honorable mention. So many singing gigs coming up. So excited.

Weight fluxuating a little. I lost a few lbs that I had gained and now I am holding steady. Trying to just eat when my body wants and to savor it, so that I feel sated and not deprived.

More another day. SO TIRED.

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  1. Two dates, you go girl! I love the confidence oozing from this post. There's nothing like having a guy who is genuinely interested in you to lift your spirits. Not to mention rocking at something you're good at.

    Keep focusing on the positives!

    P.S. Thank you so much for your comments. I am going to check out those books you mentioned :)