Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

155.6. I ate my fiber bar this morning and the plan is to go liquid for the rest of the day. Frozen veggies if I must...

I've been reading Breaking Dawn. Soooo didn't run, read all night instead. But still lost a lb. Makes me happy.

I'm on my period too. UGH. It happens.

I've become a Twi-Hard. Recently and quickly. The newest movie was frigging amazing!

I feel like I'm in junior high. Haha.


  1. im going liquids today as well.
    im a huge twilight fan,i have all of the books by stephanie meyers in hard back lol. have you read the host yet? i looove it and its supposed to be made into a movie as well.
    stay strong today

  2. post a before and after pic!!