Weight Loss to Date

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I did 7 miles tonight. I'm not gonna lie to you and act like I ran all of them, because I didn't. Probably about half or maybe 4 miles.

I have been doing a lot of running one and a half or two miles and then flaking out. I hate that so friggin much. I can't stand it. Part of it is a mental pressure thing. I am a creature of progress. I have to be accomplishing something or I just quit. So I took the pressure off and decided that I can walk as much as I need to as long as I do distance. That really helped me tonight.

One of my life goals, as I've mentioned, is to do a half marathon. Realistically, it will probably take me years and a lot of dedication to make it to where I can run 13 miles solid. One of my friends that did one recently told me that lots of people hit a wall at 10 miles anyways, and end up slowing down or walking a lot of the last 3 miles. I figure its highly unlikely that I will run a whole one anytime soon, but if I can walk and run, I think I could do one in my somewhat near future. Plus I'm moving to Colorado, the land of fruit and nuts and granola and vegan diets and healthy living. Haven't you ever heard of the Boulder Boulder?? Haha!

If you live in Colorado, and this is a misconception, forgive me! Just trust me that people are way more into healthy living there than in the south. TRUST ME.

Anyways, so my goal for my next long run/walk is 8 miles. Grrr, I'm a beast :) I can't wait til I move to Boulder where there's lots of hiking and trails, WOO!!!


  1. good job!!!! you are doing great!

  2. It's not a misconception. lol. I know a kid from the camp I work at who is like, 7 or 8 and has run the Boulder Boulder twice already. Colorado definitely has a way of motivating you to get off your ass, that's for sure.

    I hope you do get to run your half marathon! I trained for a full marathon once and copped out around 16 or 18 miles and I can tell you that a half marathon is most definitely a triumph if you can run it the whole way.

    If you sign up for one in state, I'll come cheer you on. :)