Weight Loss to Date

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This morning so far:

Fiber one bar- 120 cals
coffee- probably about 100 cals worth.

Its almost 1 o' clock. Going to a couple different events that involve food. I'm a little worried. The scale says 156ish right now, but I'm dying to see 154 and 153 and 152. I'd love to be in the 140's two weeks from now when I go to Colorado. My Dad may be coming to help me move and I have major anxiety about seeing him. He always criticizes my weight. Its something I'd rather just avoid with him. Can I please wear a bag over my head while he's here?


Anyways, I'm so close to a new weight. I really think I can see 154 in a couple days, I just have to stay FOCUSED. I WANT TO BE THIN.


Smoothie, about 125 cals
coffee, 125 cals??

Plan for the night is to take some cut up cucumbers with me to my friend's house. And hopefully they will have veggie stuff. If I feel weak I might have some meat with NO bread. We'll see. I know it will look kind of weird if I don't eat... 


  1. You got it, babe! Stay strong at those 4th of July parties. :)

  2. I hope things went well this evening! Fourth of July parties can huge pig-out fests :O I know you will see 154 really soon :) You have got so much motivation! xoxo

  3. I wish I could offer a suggestion! I just moved here myself 2 weeks ago. Do you know which school you'll be teaching at?

  4. Your tagged! I gave you the sunshine award :) Again!