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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've eaten about 700 calories today and I plan to stop there. Hopefully. I am going on a run in a few mins, but I had some thoughts. I saw a post on facebook recently, where one person was saying to the other person how difficult it is to find a good man, and that's why she's not married at 34. This is what that person looks like:

I feel like a horrible person criticizing someone else, because I know how painful it can be for the world to label you just because of your weight, when there are so many other awesome things about you.

But its true. I could end the post right now and you, the reader, would understand my point.

I think I'm posting this more as a reminder and food for thought for myself, because I want to be thin. And I need to remember why, especially in my weak moments. The world judges you and reduces you to your weight. I am an awesome person with lots of potential; I am a hardworker; I am very very capable on so many levels. I don't want that to be ignored because I'm fat. I don't want to be passed over because I *look* like I have no work ethic. I don't need to make it any harder on myself than it already is.

I need to be 100 lbs.

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  1. Superficiality is such a contagious bitch. I remember being really offended when a teacher thought I'd plagiarized a paper back when I was a fat mountain of girl. After I lost weight, not a single incidence of a teacher or professor doubting my ability to write infinity A+ papers.

    People suck, but we still have to live in a world full of them. Better to put them to shame on their own terms, eh?