Weight Loss to Date

Friday, June 18, 2010

155 as of tonight. Not bad eating today... I ate the couple pieces of toast I mentioned and then some green beans and a salad at work. Too many croutons... eh. But I have been sooooooo hungry. Still soooooo hungry. It feels good though. Wanna run tomorrow but I'm working a double and I'm afraid I'll be horribly tired... we'll see.

The lower weight does factor in with... once again... dehydration. I can't keep water in me with the summer heat I guess. My weight fluxuated so so soooo much. I want to be frigging tiny. It takes so long and so much difficulty. But the scale is cooperating a little more than before, ya know?

In other news, thinking about being a grown up is stressful. Sure, I'm gonna have a real job, but still not very much money (they are pb gonna offer me a comparable teacher salary, but the cost of living is SKY HIGH in the area where I will live).  I'm trying to find a cheap apartment, in the $500 range, because I don't plan on living with anyone for at least the first semester/ maybe first year. And of course I have some bills I have to catch up on in the middle of this big move! Oh plus, by the way, that whole tuition thing for my master's degree :/

Wish me luck girlies. Being a grown up=scary.


  1. Being a grow up def sucks sometimes. :/

  2. If you need any help apartment hunting, please feel free to let me know. I live in Denver. :)

  3. Did you get that job in Boulder? That's so awesome. I'm not too far away in FoCo.

    That scale WILL start moving!