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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick post...

I ate a salad with too many croutons and crackers. When I am hungry, all I want is carbs. Shit.

Went out with friend, friend was hungry and wanted Sonic, so I avoided it but really wanted coffee. Talked her into Starbucks and got a grande mocha light, which is way better than Sonic's sugary crap... but still not good. Had a tiny sample of a lemon loaf from there which led to me and friend splitting one.

I dunno.... 800 cals for the day? Its so disgusting to think about eating that many cals when I really had so little and stayed so hungry...

Went to Toy Story 3 with a couple friends, and it was awesome!!! I highly recommend.

Talked friends into running 3 miles with me. I think we actually did close to 3.5, but hard to tell.

Holding steady at 155 for now. I'll take it! Planning on another extreme 5 mile run in a couple days... hopefully it will cause me to lose 3 more lbs!!

Love you girls. Thanks for the comments, too.

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