Weight Loss to Date

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I purged today.

I just can't stop eating. See food, insert into mouth. I try to have willpower but it has escaped me :(

I have been eating a lot of fiber, which slightly my saving grace... but I purged because I had already eaten dinner and was still a little hungry, so I ate a little at my friends' house, and I got so anxious that I had to come home and purge it. Then I went for a run, and flaked on that too. I hardly ever run less than 3 miles these days and I only ran 2.

It makes me feel less anxious that I purged it. I hate purging and I don't want to mess up my voice. Desperately don't. I can't make this a habit... but I think about doing it all the time!

My plan is to eat an antacid whenever I feel hungry. That will at least make the stomach acid subside... I would like to start a chicken and veggies diet and see if that helps me, because God knows I've been working my ass off and havent lost much. That's why I'm now in this predicament of lazyness and eating. Grrrrrr. God I hope I can be good tomorrow.


  1. Hey, you still went for a run! I think a chicken and veggie diet would be very helpful. :) Stick in there, and look how far you've come from your HW. Majorly inspirational.

  2. ahh purging sucks! ive been in a mia phase for a while now. dont worry though, bree is right about the fact that you still went for a run and that makes any binge less bad. besides i cant even run a block before i get out of breath lol. im like an overweight old person at heart (and lungs)
    stay strong
    p.s. thanks for the lovely comment earlier. i really appriciate the fact that all you girls are so freaking nice.