Weight Loss to Date

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you can possibly believe it, I have run 8 miles in two days!! I ran 5 yesterday and 3 tonight.

I think I may have successfully lost 2-3 lbs, but I'm not sure. I keep getting almost dehydrated so its hard to tell when its real or just dehydration. I'm barely eating, although I did have a little binge today, in the neighborhood of 400 cals or so. But I ran right after, so maybe my body used it up...

So frustrating... UGH! Its so much harder to lose than it used to be. I'm floating around the 155-158 mark, but I'm hoping that I will stay 156 and keep losing. I did even see 154 once today, but like I said, my scale sucks and I have been kind of dehydrated :/ I have been stuck around 158 for soo soooo long. Hopefully some of the loss is real loss.

I'm really hoping I can keep this extreme running up! If I could keep running in the 5 mile neighborhood, that would be awesome!! Even if I could only do that much once a week, but do 2-3 miles most of the other days, I'd be ok. I mean, 5 miles??? I'm really getting to what most average people consider is pretty hardcore now :)


  1. Your running is pretty hardcore! I did 5 mi runs when I was in cross country, and you're doing it of your own free will! Amazing - you'll kick 158's ass in no time. You've inspired me to hit the treadmill later today. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure you will make it under the 155 lbs if you run that much.

  3. You can do it! You're body wants to trick you so that you'll give up. It's lazy! But you're not! Push through and you will see results! =D