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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

K-- So happy you love my blog and still read. Makes me happy. No idea how to change the view though :(

Kazehana--"Z" has nothing to do with my real name...hah. Not even close. Ask me again in two weeks. Also, go to this link in order to get 10 bucks off your tickets. http://www.operacolorado.org/curious/
You should get them soon because apparently the price has already been going up. A lot of people like this opera, it could even be sold out eventually.

As for my name, and/or meeting up, maybe. Probably. I'm leaning towards the probably. Ask me again in a couple weeks, and I'll probably say yes to coffee.

Today I tried super hard to be nice to myself and my body. I think that for today I did ok. And I ate decently (although pretty bad yesterday) and I feel good even though I'm exhausted.

I read this article in elephant journal about "trusting your body's infinite wisdom." I'm also reading this book Women Food and God. Kind of about the same thing... dealing with your emotional problems and worldviews instead of turning to food. And listening to your body. I realize that I can't just eat whatever the hell I want, but I can eat good things and treat myself nicely. So little by little I am trying to treat myself nicely.

One day at a a time.

You may not hear from me much this week... got a friend coming into town to audition for CU and CSU. Hope she gets in!

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  1. Damn! I already bought our tickets! lol

    Also, I know Z has nothing to do with your real name...lol I think we had this conversation before. Just like 'Kazehana' bears no resemblance to my name either.

    In 2 weeks, we might swap real names maybe, huh? lol if it helps, my boyfriend sometimes forgets to call me by my real name and calls me Soda instead. Coz that's my 'last name' on facebook. hahahaha

    And keep on being nice to you! That book sounds interesting. You'll have to blog about it if there are any parts you find useful/relevant. :)