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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, today I ate probably at least 1200. I ate 200 cals worth of almonds, some munchies in the teacher work room :(, drank some gatorade and coffee, and then I had about 450 worth of salad and soup for dinner. I ate way more than I intended.

However, I ran my ass off tonight, and I did yoga. I burned 428 cals just running alone! And then I burned around 120 cals doing yoga... Normally it'd be more but did some heavy pranayama (breathing exercises) today, so less movement. Anyways, if I had a higher than expected eating day, at least I can be happy that I burned half of it off. So I guess my net intake is around 600 for the day AND I am closer to gaining muscle. That I can be happy with :)

I realized today (and the reason I ate well at dinner) is that I'm restricting too much which is why I fail miserably. I've been a little food obsessed. I decided (and I know some of you will bitch that this isn't healthy, but we all try what we need to try) that if I can stick to around 300-400 cals including coffee during the day, I can eat a "hearty" salad at night, as long as I avoid carbs. That I can handle.

Anyways, I guess in the end I'm sort of pleased with today.

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  1. 1200 is still a huge deficit. Combined with however many calories you burned through exertion, you're hitting such a large net cals deficit that you're probably setting yourself up for a binge yo-yo. :/

    Don't eat less, just eat wisely?

    Spend your calorie budget on foods that matter, then you won't need to restrict so severely.