Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So do you wanna hear a kind of psychotic oxymoron?

Well, let me explain. So I did great today. Only almonds and coffee. One of my friends did a big favor for me today, so I took her out to dinner as a thank you. Dinner, margaritas and dessert. Yup.

Tomorrow is my fitting for my opera costume... I'm singing in the chorus with Opera Colorado. Yeah.

And guess what I thought about doing to my dinner. Yeah, you guessed it. Thought hard about throwing it up. Obviously didn't. But what I would give to find a way to be thinner before that fitting tomorrow!

So you do see the irony in wanting to purge (thus fucking up my voice) in order to be skinnier for an opera costume... Yeah.

One day at a time girls... and war with myself. Because me being fat is getting worse and I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. But I won't, can't, refuse to do it by purging.


  1. 1. Thanks :) I need all the emo-support I can get lately.

    2. be-Hot is a multi-pack of thermogenic diet pills and vitamins that help keep lean muscle mass while burning fat. they're from GNC. I take them when I panic about my weight going up...not proud, but since I'm neither restricting, nor purging, I don't feel horribly guilty about it.

    3. Marriage of Figaro?!!??!

  2. Ok so, I was so proud of you for being in the chorus that I texted MG to tell him someone I know is singing with the Colorado Opera and now he wants to go.

    He's never, ever seen a real opera in his life. He asked me if we could go and I had to say yes, so if it's not tooooo creepy, would you mind telling me (in my email to protect your privacy) what night/where you're performing?

    If you don't feel comfortable, I totes understand. I'll just lie to him and take him to see The Marriage of Figaro and point out some random chorus singer and claim that it's you. ;)

    We definitely don't have to meet face to face, but I think it would be amazing to somehow see what you do.