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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A song and composer that I'm obsessed with.


Today wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either. Just eh. I feel really fat. But Kazehana is right... I'm gonna try to be healthy about this...

I have to give up coffee for a while :( Giving me so many vocal problems.

I'm so sleepy... goodnight.

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  1. To answer your question, MDL is shorthand for Modern Language. I double majored in French and Japanese. :) It's pretty much useless aside from the small moments I use Japanese at work to talk to students here and there.

    I think I saw Lucia di Lammermoor once a billion years ago when I was a kid, I think I was 13. It was the same year Opera Colorado did Der Rosen Cavalier. Good times, lovely memories.

    Your friend is quite talented, but I'm pretty certain you are as well. Is it competitive between you two?

    I know for myself, I have a friend who is a much better writer than I am and something about our friendship always made me strive to be better, and not just better, but different. It was never bitter or jealous, but still...something happens when someone you like is shining in the same arena as you. By iron, iron is sharpened, eh?