Weight Loss to Date

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today I went salsa dancing and legit burned 600+ calories. We'll say 600. And I walked 40 mins to school, so thats another 125.

For dinner I had about 500 cals--small chicken caesar salad and this chicken soup that was amazing from San Fransisco Soup Co. So good, one of my new go to places!

During the day I had a 100 cal pack of almonds, a bag of pretzels, a few chocolate covered cranberries, and a granola bar and some little odds and ends. Prolly 500-600 cals. Not really my best day, but considering I burned over 700 cals, I think I'll survive.

Same plan tomorrow. Eat very light during the day (coffee and almonds) and eat a good but healthy dinner.

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  1. Sounds fun! I love salsa dancing! Too bad my boyfriend can't dance at all. haha

    And thanks for the compliment. It was indeed a dress...but I put a long sleeve shirt and leggings on under it because it was so brutally cold.

    Seems like you had tons of fun on NYE as well. :)

    More fun is always better, eh?