Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

At one point today I saw 153.8. Don't know how accurate that was. But I've at least been hovering at 154 today consistently. I still hate my scale. But I DO like starving, even though its hard. I almost broke weak today. Went to Target and bought some stuff including a couple shirts. I could tell that I've lost, even though it was just a couple lbs. I can also tell I've gotten fluffy since I stopped running as much. May not be taking classes next semester which would mean lots of running again.Woop! And while I hate what I see, I look forward to it improving. Weird that I can think of all those things at the same time.

Drinking a calorie free gatorade. Also ate like four or five sugar free chocolates. 190 cals. Too much. But probably won't affect my weight in the morning adversely. Hoping for a solid 153....

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  1. sugar free chocolate is dangerous!!! be careful :)
    but I LOVE powerade zero. too bad it has so much sodium