Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This morning, 154.4. Yeah! But I could not even function, I was so tired! So I had a couple of cookies from the teacher lounge. And I can feel not guilty about that, as long I manage not to eat the rest of the day. Starving doesn't seem to work as quickly as I'd like, but most other things don't work either. I don't really have time to run the substantial amounts I need to in order to lose. It just can't happen right now if I'm gonna function and get my homework and lesson planning done. I know that not eating makes me run slow, but I'm managing. And I have a good inner gage, so if I start to crash and burn, I'll make myself eat! I'm doing fine though. I can do this.

Also, I have to see the ex this weekend, albeit briefly, so I have to look as amazing as I possibly can. Not because I want to get back with him, or manipulate him, or anything... Just because that's what you do. I have to look good. I have a couple options for cute outfits to wear, so that will be good too.

I'm dying to get to 148. That's my "short term" goal right now, although only God knows how long it will take me to get there. As long as I'm losing and not gaining, I'm good. Also, I'm probably getting dehydrated, so I need to drink a crap ton of water today and that will help my body keep going!

Starving is always better than puking.

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