Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Okay, inside I am freaking out. I actually, technically overall have lost about 2-3 lbs since the beginning of the semester, but overall my running has also gone to shit. I am so much more flabby, and I'm sure that with Christmas (I'm too scared to get an accurate number right now) its bad.

The plan:

Avoid food at all costs.
Salad when I have to eat with people.
Make friends with sugar free redbull and starbucks via packets.
Chew gum.
Drink a shit ton more water.
Drink more zero cal gatorade and powerade.
When I order Starbucks, only get the skinny variety of the drink. period.
Run my ass off.
My goal is to make 15 miles a week a regular thing this semester, but I'm gonna start with 12 a week.
If I just have to eat (you know those times where you are going crazy because you need to eat something "good" or you will binge?) I will treat myself to a salad from whole foods.

What I just saw in the mirror should put fear in my heart for sure. Hopefully it will. I am going home to be in a wedding the last week of feb/first of March and I just HAVE to look good in those pics! My hair will be longer by then, which is good, but I have no excuse not to lose ten lbs. Perfectly doable. I have lost 15-20 in that time period before!

I hate myself. I'm embarrassed to even have to go out tomorrow :(


  1. hey z,

    I wanted to remind you that almost exactly a year ago, you weighed 195. you now weight 50 lbs less. that's amazing. you can do it if you want, and that just shows it.

  2. i read that the powerade zero has a lot of sodium in it... so it causes bloat.