Weight Loss to Date

Monday, December 20, 2010

My entire eating pattern is revolving around epic failure. Too much. Too much candy. Too many cookies. Too much pizza. Bad things springing up before me EVERYWHERE and at every opportunity.

Tonight me and the buds from church went to Chipotle. I ate too much... brought the leftovers home, ate them, and purged them. Hopefully I didn't hurt my vocal chords, because I would LOVE to practice tomorrow.

Running will hopefully happen. Eating better will happen. I have juice/smoothie stuff for a liquid fast, but I have a party to go to, so may not be able to do that 100%. Gotta get back on track. I am gonna try so hard to not rely on purging over the holidays... but welp... yeah.

Looking forward to an easier semester next semester so that I can run run RUN!


  1. Christmas season is a scary and hard time for us. I wish you luck in surviving it.

  2. Hey lady. Thanks for your comment. I hate the holidays because I have to visit my family and that leads to holiday binges for me, too. I used to run a lot too, and I'm hoping to start up next semester as well. Way easier said than done, of course.