Weight Loss to Date

Friday, December 31, 2010

Just not good enough. Just too fat. Being fat cancels out like everything else that's good about me. And if it weren't for that I think I would like myself a lot, most of the time. I feel so inadequate. So out of control. Never enough time. Always too much food. Never enough running. Never good enough. Never quite meeting the standard.

I get depressed when I think this way. But I just can't... I know I can be everything I wanna be... I just have to find it in myself. Doesn't help that I'm sleeping weird hours and on my period. I'm starting to get anxious about going back to work :(


  1. I agree-- I think I'm great, but my weight just gets in the way of everything. I hate it. I wish I could look past it.

  2. oh no! Girl don't get down on yourself. I know how you feel-- I have severe depressive disorder because of my Ednos (a whole week in a psych unit to be able to admit that!) and I get SO MUCH worse when I'm left to my own devices. :( These last few days have been pure torture, but your comment on my blog really brightened my day! I LOVE YOU AND YOU KEEP YOUR CHIN UP GIRL :)