Weight Loss to Date

Friday, March 19, 2010

Broke the plateau!!!

I am 167.2 lbs this morning. FINALLY! That means I only have to lose 4 lbs in the next 7 days :)

I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!! Starving works. It does! I just have to keep at it :) I'm gonna go drink some coffee with sugar free chocolate syrup in it (15 cals only!!!) and think about how wonderfully empty I am!

Stay strong girlies! We can do this!


  1. coffee <3
    Thanks for the comment lovely.
    Don't tire yourself out

  2. wooohooo! way to go girl! You've lost so much already! you're doing such a great job! :) I need to get back on the starving badwagon-- my medicine has made me into a little night binger! ugh! anyways-- eeek! so excited for you girl, keep it up1 YOU CAN DO IT! we can all do it if we keep encouraging each other