Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today I got more raves about how good I look. Its nice. But it feels counterfit. Like at any moment I will balloon back to hugeness. Or like maybe I just happen to be wearing the right clothes (and yesterday, the right makeup)and that I really am hideous under whatever seems to be masking me that day. I saw a pic of myself from last night and was disappointed.

I continue to not weigh myself, which is probably a very good thing. I wanted to run today, but I got so little sleep yesterday that it would only make me discouraged to try. So I'm resting.

I had eaten about 600 cals for the day, most of it carbs :( I liked the number though, but couldn't take it anymore and ate a few almonds and some soup. I could feel my body screaming for protein. The soup was only about 80 cals, but the damn almonds... ugh. like 150. In a way I feel okay since it was light and healthy, but I was enjoying the emptyness. Its such a love hate relationship. And of course, my appetite was worse since I didn't sleep. At least maybe with the protein my energy level won't tank too bad and I can count on my body to let me go running tomorrow :)

In my heart I want to think I really am losing, but I am afraid. But weighing won't help either, not right now. At least with several days of restriction, I "feel" light most of the time. I really don't want to weigh again until I see a number that's at least the mid to low 160's. I had gotten to 167 at one point, but even that number I only saw like once.

I WILL be thin. I WILL meet my goals. I WILL become who I want to be! I CAN do this. It's not THAT hard. Its WORTH IT. And all of this applies to you as well, my lovelies!

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  1. i always feel lighter during restriction to i love it its one of the best feelings ever.
    i stopped weighing myself too, because it always made me angry, which leads tobingeing :/ angry binges are the worst for me ://
    but your right, its not that hard, and its totally worth it!!!!!!!
    you can do this :]]
    stay strong <333