Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tried to post this earlier, but I had computer issues:

I feel... weird today. Its hot outside. Motivation to lose because all I want to do is cover myself up.

Last night I didn't do so well. The day wasn't very good. Damn chick fil A. Sick. This morning was not God awful, but not great. If I can manage to not eat the rest of the day, it wouldn't end terribly. I've got an apple and some celery if I just have to munch on something...

I feel bummed out. I love teaching. I'm excited about moving to Colorado. But where is my life headed? Nowhere I expected and wanted. Still a good place. But not where I wanted. Who am I? Is it wrong that I defined myself by singing? Am I stupid to think that I can rise from being the underdog and show them all, that maybe I'm just a late bloomer?

If that's not the case... then I don't know who I am.


  1. its cheesy but i believe everything happens for a reason. you have talent and something you are passionate about. thats special, a lot of people wander through life without meaning. you will get through this and show everyone who thinks otherwise :D

  2. Where do you teach? It's awesome that you found something you are so excited about. Not a lot of people find the ideal career. You are in such a prime position to change lives and affect people. Just think of how many people you could motivate!

    Have you tried meal replacement bars? I eat the Special K ones and I have them with coffee. It helps you to not eat for a few hours and they are 170 calories each.