Weight Loss to Date

Monday, March 29, 2010

iwanttopurge.iwanttopurge.iwanttopurge.iwanttopurge.iwanttopurge.iwanttopurge.Except I never purge. And there is no excuse painful enough to make me. My voice is already screwed right now.

Had a good day. Half a cookie all day long. Til just now. Ate 3 boiled egg whites. Not God aweful... my body really did need to protein.

4 handfuls of mini pretzels. FML. And I will be soooo bloated tomorrow. Fml. fml. fml. fml. fml.

I went inline skating for 2 hours tonight. So much fun. I actually thought I might see a loss on the scale tomorrow. So much for that.


  1. Hi lovely,

    I'm flad you had a good day. 4 handfuls of mini pretzels really isn't a lot when you put it into perspective, I know that is annoying to hear but it's true.

    Stay strong

  2. I definitely just left the same comment because I didn't see your comment approval haha

  3. Water and green tea. I find green tea to be a gentler laxative than coffee.

  4. Ah no purging!!

  5. skating is the best exercise ever :D its fun and burns loads of calories. try thinking of the pretzels as 'safe' chips. if you dont lose it will only be bloat from the salt. Well done for a good day :)

  6. Mini pretzels are not going to ruin anything. They are far less high in calories than something like chocolate or peanut butter, so you can look on the good side about that :)

    Good luck on the scale! xo