Weight Loss to Date

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorry I have been sucking at commenting, dears. Life is very; busy, at least until after Tuesday. Then I can breathe. I am sure that I have gained a million pounds this week, although my clothes don't seem to be telling it yet. Gotta reign it in. I want to lose so so so bad...

Still pretty heartbroken about 2 rejections within 20 minutes of each other. I had an unexpected meltdown today, and luckily one of my friends came off the elevator at the exact moment when I started. She comforted me and I cried most of it out... Still sad. But I am a fighter and the most determined person EVER when I decide something is worthwhile.

I'm excited about going to school for Music Ed, but a part of me wishes that if I'm not cut out to be a performer, that I would stop wanting it. I don't know what you girls believe... but I know that God has a plan, as trite and cliche and hard to believe as it is. I know that the positive things I have to look forward to didn't come because I necessarily made them happen. So along with that I hold with faith and hope that I WILL get a degree in Vocal Performance, even if the department at Colorado doesn't know it just yet. I can show them.

I will be successful. At weight loss. At teaching. At singing. You'll see.


  1. Oh sweetheart!
    That's right! Hold onto that determination. You are awesome and you will show them all just how great and amazing you are!!

  2. hi there. ive just read your blog from the begining. you're such an inspiration. most of the girls on here with blogs are tiny, its intimidating. your persistance is amazing. stay strong :)