Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I feel fat.

I feel disgusting.

Everything I put in my mouth makes me feel crappy.

I'm so tired today... I need energy.

I weighed. It wasn't terrible, but it was NOT what I wanted to see. I shouldn't have bothered.

I won't let it get me down. I WILL keep going.

I will refrain from eating as much as I can. I haven't eaten anything, but I am drinking a protein shake. I honestly don't even want to do that.

I'm gonna work out tonight. No matter what. And while I'm at it, I should probably practice. I have a vocal competition coming up in a couple weeks.

I am strong. I CAN do this. I WILL be skinny. We WILL do this!


  1. just look at all the compliments you've been getting! that has to be really encouraging! :) besides, I believe in you, and I know you can be skinny! I can, too we just have to work really hard! but we'll get there!

  2. I love your positivity, even in the face of what sounds like a good-sized dose of the feel-cruddies. The fact that you have that drive to persevere...That's honestly what's most important. It's only when we allow ourselves to feel like we CAN'T do it that we actually begin to slip. Keep up the awesome attitude!

    Oh, and Topamax is a prescription drug used for a number of things, including treating migraines and seizures, but also used off-label for people with binge-eating disorder. I ordered it from an online pharmacy that doesn't require a prescription (sounds super shady, I know...it probably is)... It basically takes away your appetite for a bit (depending on dosage) and makes most sweet foods/drinks taste like dirt. yay! :P

    *crossed fingers* We'll see how it goes.

    Stay lovely!