Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I officially just had my first C&S binge... ever. I C&S'ed lots of chocolate. I ate a little bit. Definitely spit as much as I could. I still feel disgusting. Feel like I should purge too. But my craving went away.

Had some toast and cheese at lunch... last night I binged... I was trying to be good but I felt bad all day.

Tonight I got the bright idea that I would eat protein. Welp, I ended up eating chicken lo mein. STUPID CHOICE. and then of course my C&S binge.

I'm a fatty. I'm gonna look disgusting at my competition this weekend. I hope I sing well at least... :(

Stupid cow.


  1. What a coincidence~ I just had a C&S binge about five minutes ago. I was basically prowling around the kitchen for something to waste. But yeah, I agree with you. I still felt like I digested everything I spit out.

  2. don't worry chicka! tomorrow is a brand new day! AND I'm sure you'll sing really really beautifully!

  3. ouch. binges suck but don't hold on to them after they happen. just exercise a little extra&then move on. you'll be fine. &good luck at the competition. oh&i'm spending the summer in colorado springs. stay strong, little lady.