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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bulimic at heart

All I want to do is throw up. I am a complete bulimic at heart. I just eat and puke, because I can't take the heat of starving anymore :( Ate lunch with my friend. Probably just ate a million calories.

Why can't I stop? All I want to do is puke right now. But I need to practice today. I just took some diet pills but I can't take the most effective one because it has too much caffeine and is bad for my voice :( And I don't really have money to buy more pills or anything...

I'm going to do this. Because really, the only thing that matters is that you're skinny:


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  1. i wanted to vomit so badly the other night. I ate so much and I wanted to just puke, but I never have made myself in the past, and I think...if I never start its just one less thing to deal with.


    being skinny is such an obession for us. sometimes I cant think of anything else!