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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Epic Fail times 3

Today I had my vocal competition. I didn't even make it past the first round. Last year I was a freaking finalist, in the top 3! How does that work?

Twenty minutes after I got my results from the competition, I got another rejection letter from a school. Granted, I already kind of made up my mind to go to Colorado, but it still hurt. A lot. This was my 2nd choice for school. The bottom line is that I am going to school for Music Ed when what I really wanted was to go for Vocal Performance. Ouchie. The dream has not died, I promise. It is still alive, it is just a little bruised today. Mark my words, once I get to Colorado and they get to know me, they will see that they need to let me into the performance program-- I will do both degrees.

The amount of food I have eaten over the past few days is almost embarrassing. It over now. Singing is over... stress is over (most of it)... I am gonna do this. Restriction begins hardcore tomorrow. And working out. And practicing singing EVERY DAY.

I WILL be thin. And I WILL succeed at being a good opera singer. It just takes time.

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