Weight Loss to Date

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've eaten about 80 cals today. 2 whole wheat pancakes about 3 in in diameter. And I took a diet pill with them. Good for me.

I looked in the mirror before I consumed anything today, and I really am getting smaller! Too bad its not enough. Still fat. But getting closer everyday! Looking forward to my fasting day (hopefully) on travel day in 2 days.

I was looking at pics of people from college, and let me just tell you, the beautiful people stick together. Its true, so true. Soon I will be one of them. I will look good in their pictures with them.

I can't wait til I am thin so I can buy the most amazing audition dress. I want it to be so classy. I saw a pic of my friend's audition dress and it was great. Looking forward. Maybe I can be 160 by Colorado audition time! I'm starting to look it!!! :)


I found old pics of my Dad's that I transferred onto my computer. Saw some pics of me sophomore, junior year and right after I graduated. Shit! I was so good looking. I could look like that again. 160 will still be huge, but I gotta go at it a little at a time... There are pics from me sophomore year, at my all time low of 117, and I look so so soooo thin! I mean, I could definitely be thinner, but I was pretty darn thin. I WILL be there again. I just can't believe I had that and I let other things slip through my fingers. But maybe it was good since I got my life together and I became something. Now I can be something and be thin at the same time-- I know how to do this and I'm going to. The best thinspiration has to be pics of yourself. I know what I'm gonna look like! Score! Looking forward to it. I wonder if I can keep it at just over 100 today?? Then there's just tomorrow and fasting day on travel day!!! Woo hoo!

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