Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today I sucked. I just had a glass of milk and the rest of my farina from the morning because I just had to have something. :(

Earlier my Dad's wife made chicken and pasta, and the way it was presented, I could have gotten away with not eating it, but I ate one bite full of pasta and a chicken tender. Fail.

When we went on our second walk today, we ended up running a lot too. Which is good, but bad because that's pb what made me eat...Its tough to exercise without food. I gotta get better at this! Tomorrow morning we are walking first thing and then going to the beach. If I can take my celery and apples, maybe I can get away with denying anything else... Hunger and emptiness are a good thing. I hope I am losing. I really need a scale. I've noticed that a day of eating followed by a couple days of avoidance is really good for me because it keeps my body from getting too settled. It'll be ok for me to sleep on the beach tomorrow, so that'll be good if I can avoid food.

Rule #1: If I need energy for exercise, it really needs to be FRUIT. I sooo hope I am losing...

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