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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today we walked 6.1 miles. Even with a foot injury, I made it. Hopefully it will start to get better. Its just gotta. Thank God for the elliptical even though I can't use it til I get back. I'm really thinspired by the girls who say they work out 2 or 3 hours a day. When you are obese, the recommended time PER DAY is 90 min. That's not really a lot considering.

Yesterday I did pretty well on my food intake and was able to go to bed hungry, thank God. However, this morning I had a little teeny strip of steak and one and a half eggs. The epic failure was the two pieces of toast with garlic butter. Uggggh. I feel disgusting but it tasted good. I don't want them to start noticing that I'm not eating. Plus its Christmas and I'm screwing it up a bit tonight anyway. My goal is just to have a spoonful of everything I want, period. And probably as much alcohol as I can get away with :) I wouldn't mind getting a good bit tipsy, but that's not gonna happen with my Dad around. And I don't need the calories. So a buzz will suffice.

I can't wait til I go back home and can be alone to my starvation and epic workouts! I'm gonna do this thing. I can't wait til I can start emailing my Dad and telling him I lost 25...35... etc lbs.

My immediately urgent goal is to get in the 150's. Like 158 is pretty much my goal at the moment. I think I have lost since I got here, but its hard to tell. I'm pb gonna try to do another workout tonight.

My ultimate goal is 110. Can't wait to see it. End of next year???

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