Weight Loss to Date

Friday, December 25, 2009

So... 2.5 cups of coffee, an apple, and a multivitamin.

Then we walked 4-5 miles.

I'm starving. I'm sure it will pass soon. I may eat another piece of fruit or some celery.

Here's my plans when I get back:

3 hours of exercise, every day.

2 hours of practicing :)

I could go to the Y, work out for an hour and a half, go to school, practice, Go to the gym at school, practice again! And all of that before 2pm?? It'd be awesome. I think if I cut a peanut butter sandwich into 4 squares for carbs and protein, I could make it. That would only be around 300 calories for burning 1200-1500ish.

On the evenings I have to work at the Barrel, I could eat salad for dinner. Yeah! The rest of the days... celery??

I wish I had a scale... I do know that I ate about 270 calories so far. If I had to guess, I'd say I weigh between 182-188. I'm expecting about 182 by the time I get home because I had already dropped to 191 before I left. *Crosses fingers*

Goal weight 1: 158 lbs.
Goal weight 2: 135 lbs.
Goal weight 3: 117 lbs.
Goal weight 4: 110 lbs.
Goal weight 5: 100 lbs.!

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