Weight Loss to Date

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What the hell???? I am craving mayonaise like CRAZY!!! I know its because of that stupid sandwich that I threw away-- the one my stepmom made me this morning. It had mayo all over it. I got just barely a taste bc of the lettuce I ate off of it. Sick.

Its probably just because my body is craving fats and proteins. Although I have had it the two days before this. Hm. Oh well. I am gonna get something to drink, chew on ice and it will be forgotten in the morning.

I looked in the mirror and I feel soooo large :( Soon... soon. I will really start to look like I'm losing weight soon. Remember what I said about blobs just looking like blobs... yeah. Its gonna take blob awhile to go from huge blob to smaller blob to finally having some semblance of shape. Ugh. Must. lose. NOW.

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