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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This morning we walked like normal, probably for around an hour. Then we walked around Old San Juan pretty much all day long. I said we walked slowly for 3 hours, as an estimate, though some of it was strolling only, and it was for more hours. Anyways, I should have burned in the neighborhood of 700 calories with the walking around today.

Today was a 220 cal day, but I splurged on my very first pomegranate martini. Drank it before the meal of which I had only lettuce and tomato salad with balsamic vinagrette. I got fairly tipsy... and in front of my Dad, yikes... but my bro said I acted pretty normal besides being happy. Let me just tell you that lettuce doesn't absorb alcohol real well, esp when you already had an empty stomach. I love that feeling of floating away. I am starting to like alcohol probably more than I should. The good news is, I never really have an opportunity to get more than tipsy, and usually if I do I don't really want to. Let me just say that I get really horny when I have alcohol though. Probably everyone does, I guess.

Anyways, that brings todays total to 464 if I calculated at least close to right. I feel like I should round up to 500, but if my exercise was in the 700's anyways... I guess that makes it like -200. Hopefully. I wish I could enjoy and get the effects of alcohol without the calories. Thank God I don't like beer that much.

I'm still really afraid that I'm going to get home and not have lost anything. That can't be true, though I need to lay off the martini's. Sometime soon I want to have the liberty of getting just slightly drunk, but I guess that will wait til I get home... I looked a little better in all my pics today when we were out, but I'm still huge :(

I almost forgot! Today for brunch, after out walk, my stepmom made me a steak sandwich. And I ate the tomato and lettuce out of it and wrapped it up in a bag and hid it to be thrown away later. Part of me feels exhilarated, and the other part of me wants to eat it now. I will get rid of it tonight when everyone, or at least the parents are sleeping... This is terrible, but yay for getting away with lying about food!

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