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Friday, January 8, 2010

Disappointed today. Not only did I not lose from yesterday, I am 0.2 lbs heavier. Honest to goodness, I KNOW I had too much salt yesterday, and I drank a decent amount of water leading up to bedtime, but I still think maybe I'm retaining ever so slightly. That's the ONLY explanation-- I had less than 500 cals yesterday! I'm gonna try not to stress about it, but to be really really determined.

My goal for today is, of course to eat around 300 cals and burn off my 700. I was thinking about going in to work, but maybe I will wait until tomorrow to do that... I dunno. I am gonna lose this!!!! I am GOING TO BE IN THE 160'S FOR CO!!! I'm so so close.


2 eggs, but I left about 30 cals: 140-30= 110
spinach: 10 cals?
salsa: 5 cals (I love that)
small piece of toast, I ate half: 50-25= 25 cals
creamer: 25 cals
:( cookie, which I ate before all of this= 75 cals (did my research, this is probably the reasonably high end)

250 Total. And I feel DISGUSTING and sick. Definitely gonna get to work out tonight! If I consume anything else, it will be coffee, tea, or my protein shake (230 cals).

I feel like such a joke... No one takes me seriously. People only take beautiful people seriously. I must get there. I can't have my Dad be ashamed of me. It just can't happen. I will never be good enough for him until I can be thin and be all the other things too.

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