Weight Loss to Date

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today I have eaten a 160 cal package of almonds (not all at once), a couple pieces of fried okra (20 cal?), 2 cups of coffee (40 cal), an apple (80 cal), and a salad (55 cal).

355 so far? I may eat one more thing tonight. I am trying this new thing where I spread my calories out more drastically. I think it may help my metabolism, rather than eating it all in one meal and dropping my blood sugar later...

Hopefully it will work! Its almost the same amount of cals, maybe a few more, but spread out throughout the day. That's GOTTA be better, right?!?!

I'll be able to tell in a couple days.


Add to 355 cals:

Tablespoon of blueberries (30 cals)
3 mini chocolate PB ritz crackers (30 cals)
NSA hot chocolate (60 cals)

355+120= 475. Not terrible considering I spread it throughout the day and walked for an hour, burned 258 cals.

Let's just hope I lost by tomorrow! Ps, I feel horrible-- I think I have an ear infection :(

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