Weight Loss to Date

Monday, January 25, 2010

Well, I had to eat out with M and R and their friend J, but I guess I didn't do horribly. Not as well as i would like, but not a disaster. I feel hungry after all. I probably ended up consuming 1000 cals today, which kind of is an epic fail, but tomorrow is the real deal again. Going to weigh...

178. Two pounds less than what I was sure I gained. I was even afraid that I was above that. Its a miracle. And I've been eating semi normally, so hopefully my weight will shoot down over the next couple days. 170, here I come!!! I think it was my goal by the 6th? I have 11 days to lose 8 lbs (but I think I will be lower tomorrow morning?). Let's see if I can. Even if I could make it to 172, I could be happy, and that is so doable!!!

I thought CO would be a disaster and that I would eat so so much, but I got away with not eating much. I think I gained 2 lbs, officially. I so can do this!!!!


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