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Saturday, January 16, 2010

So... Last night I did pretty okay, not as great as I wanted to, but 600 cals-ish. Then I got really drunk. Never really been drunk before, only tipsy... oops. Too freaking many cals :(

I realized that I'm totally not eating enough protein so I am declaring this protein day (I feel better already). If I can eat only protein maybe I can still trick my body today...

Also, I have decided to start my own version of ABC. So here it is. I know I've GOT to trick my body or this isn't gonna work. All I really want is to lose... We'll try it for a few days and see what happens...

Day 1: 900 cals
Day 2: 300 cals
Day 3: 750 cals
Day 4: 200 cals

I am only writing down 4 days because that's how much time I have before Colorado... crap. But if I up my cals to really healthy cals today with the protein, then tomorrow I can have a low day, ya think? Hope this works. When I spread my food out into little bits the other day, I lots a bunch right away. Maybe, hopefully, this will be the same. Gotta keep myself guessing...


So I had already eaten 250.

half a cookie (40 cals)
salad (55 cals)
lean cuisine (180)

Total so far: 525 cals

I'm prone to think I wanna quit eating right there, but the point of today was to get more protein so that I can have energy so that I can restrict hardcore tomorrow... and LOSE!!

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