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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


But really, really, really good. I woke up and weighed this morning and I was 173.8. I dunno how its possible that I lost 5 pounds in 2 days, but maybe I really did lose while I was in CO. I weighed in the PM on Monday, so maybe that's why. I'm not complaining!

Today I have eaten:

Lean cuisine (210 cals)
fat free/sugar free frozen yogurt (200 cals?)
coffee (90 cals)

I'm pretty hungry, but I'll survive... I feel like I'm accomplishing something! I'm happy :) I'm just worried that maybe I lost so quickly because I was dehydrated and that it will go back up. So I'm gonna try to tell myself I'm 175 just in case.

annnndddd, just weighed, and I was 175, but that is after lots of water and food today... hope it doesn't stay!!


Damnit! I ate 2 chocolate suckers, pb 50 cals each, and then my friend offered me some baked goods :( I ate a rice krispy treat at approx 100 cals and a tiny chocolate chip muffin at about 50 cals. FML!

So my total for the day is 750. Way tooooo high and it sucks because I am still freaking hungry. I barely ate anything healthy today, just sugar and garbarge :( I am so tempted to just eat something, but I just don't see how that would help me at all. I have to go to lunch with my teacher tomorrow at a freaking mexican restaurant, so its not like I could eat salad. I will probably just try to take the opportunity to eat protein, since I'm pretty sure I am already lacking in it. Uggghhh. I am very hungry tonight. I hope that I still will have lost in the morning. It would be incredible to still be 172... or even close to it...

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