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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Okay... you know its bad (or good) when you are considering counting the calories from communion in your daily intake... Yikes! I guess I'd estimate about 30 cals-- little rice bread cake thingy and a drink of red wine...

Haven't had nothin' but some coffee so far. Probably 35 cals because of the creamer. so 65 total. I am gonna try to burn off another 700 cals at the gym today, unless I start to get faint of course (that's what cranberries are for) so I am gonna eat a piece of wheat bread or maybe some cottage cheese. Just something to get me going. And definitely my vitamins and another cup of coffee prolly.

I made up my mind to go see some friends that give me so much anxiety about the way I look because they are really gorgeous people, and I was hoping to be considerably lighter the next time I saw them... Oh well. If they go out to eat after, I will go but I will eat a simple salad. Part of me doesn't wanna see them, but I feel compelled.

Wish me luck today.


Welp, today I ate a piece of toast (50 cal), a cup of cottage cheese (90 cal), had an extra cup of coffee with cream and some soy milk (60 cal), and a ton of vitamins. Include the "65 cals" from this morning... 265.

I'm gonna guess about 400 cals for dinner-- I ate the croutons and crackers :( :(-- I had a house salad, and a cup of cabbage. Cabbage was prolly 50, the dressing was 50, then croutons 50ish, crackers 50, bacon bits and cheese 100, then the lettuce and little bit of tomato I had, plus a few extra cals for good measure.

So all in all about 665 cals for the day. Toooooo much. The problem is, about a hundred of those are coffee cals. I gotta find a way to fix that... I more than doubled my goal intake for the day, which sucks. It would have helped if I hadn't gone out with my friends... I did go see them and it wasn't terrible.

At least I burned more than I ate-- 703 cals for the day. Proud of that, but it should have not been almost broken even with my food cals.

Tomorrow I may be having breakfast with a friend... we'll see how I do. One fried egg and a piece of toast? fruit? What will I do?

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