Weight Loss to Date

Monday, January 4, 2010

Today so far:

1 cup of coffee w/ cream-- 40 cals?
tbsp of pan fried potatoes--20 cals
assorted melon pieces--120 cals
1 scrambled egg--70 cals

Total for breakfast/lunchtime: 250.

I'd like to think that I could go the rest of the day on that. I'm gonna try. I'll have to have a little more of something before/during/or after working out, esp for 700 cals. Maybe a few cranberries will keep me through... I can do this!

I also finally...erm... cleared my intestines... so maybe I can actually weigh today!


Heard something great... "Hunger pains are fat leaving the body." Amen.

I actually managed not to eat anymore today. I hope to go to bed soon, so maybe I will have had a successful 250 cal day. The bad news is, I never made it to the Y. I got up so early to see my friend Brittany today-- she was passing through town-- and I just couldn't go anymore. My body was hungry and tired and it crapped out (not literally). I need some metamucil. I know that I still am retaining a little. I am tempted to weigh myself, but the results were not very favorable earlier.

I'm disappointed. I think that eating to help my metabolism thing was bullshit. Obviously all I did was gain. I just gotta move this scale down!!

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